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Three Montessori Tips for Summertime Learning

Montessori summer learning

Summertime for many children can mean days of play, relaxation and exploration. Many parents will be concerned that the extended period of no school structure will create a sense of boredom for children or even that the children will begin to forget what it is they’ve learned. With the Montessori method, you can be assured that what is learned in the classroom can easily be applied to home life during the summer. Here are some tips that parents can use to make the most of the summer with your children.

1. Create a “Prepared Environment”

Having an environment that is conducive to learning and curiosity is the first great step to making sure that your children are feeling relaxed yet still engaged. The environment and the atmosphere that the child is in is the guide itself. You don’t have to be the one to point your child in a specific direction. Let your child find their path and celebrate their independence as children in their realm. Allow them to both thrive and make mistakes. Any moment is a great learning moment.

2. Go out and Explore

If possible, make an effort to do something physical everyday. Going on a walk, watching birds, exploring a new park, or creating a leaf collection are great ways to engage with the natural world around you. Go to the beach or feed ducks at the pond. Learn about the trees or flowers that grow around your house. Even if it is just for a short while, such as a rainy day, the benefits that your child will reap are enormous. Exposing your child to nature is a way to deepen their appreciation their environment.

3. Teach Practical Skills

Summertime provides an opportunity to be at home for an extended period of time. Use that extra time at home to teach your children about practical home life skills that will help them grow their sense of self-reliance and independence. If you set a strong foundation young, your child will grow to be a person that can handle anything themselves. Start simple and work your way up. Basic hygiene, brushing hair, brushing teeth, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, pouring drinks, wiping spills, organizing boxes and jars, and hanging or folding clothes are perfectly acceptable skills to start teaching children at a young age.

Lessons offered at Stoneview

Botany lessons that teach children the many ways that plants provide for our fundamental needs. Lessons may include:

  • Fine motor activities with plants
  • Lessons on pollination
  • Parts of a fruit booklets
  • Parts of a seed and flower booklets          
  • Winter trees

Science Lessons introduce children to advanced topics in the early years, preparing them for a lifetime of discovery. The lessons help to promote a sense of inquiry. It also helps your children to build vocabulary and reading skills.

Examples may include:

  • Sensory activities with sound
  • Anatomy Lessons
  • Color Mixing
  • Astronomy
  • Creating Stratus Clouds
  • Weather
  • Animal Habitats
  • Life Cycles

Practical Life Activities help your child learn to perform everyday living skills in a purposeful way. The lessons allow children to believe in themselves as well as develop the self-discipline needed for success in their lives. 

  • Children are taught to prepare food, to dress oneself, to clean, to pour, etc. The aim is to help children gain control in the coordination of their movement and concentration. Practical Life Activities give children a sense of responsibility and teaches them to care for their environment.

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