Stoneview Childrens University has a safe and comfortable yet educational environment for children. We encourage every single child to develop a strong sense of independence and learning desire. To achieve our objectives, Stoneview adopts the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational method. The key characteristic of the Montessori Method is for a child to learn independently and upgrade each child’s individual level of development.

The Schools curriculum is based on creating a prepared en vironment appropriate for children from three to ten years of age to engage in meaningful work. Our goal is to help each child learn to grow into a love for themselves and the world around them. It is designed to allow the child to satisfy each sensitive period when he or she is ready.

The classroom has Practical Life exercises for developing lifelong skills of organization, concentration, and care of their environment. These exercises encourage control of movement, eye hand coordination, and small motor control.There are Montessori Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, and Science materials to creatively challenge the child. Various unit studies are taught during the course of the year. These may include dinosaurs, ocean life, outer space, and animals around the world, in depth cultural studies of different continents and countries, and many more depending on the interest of the children.

In our classrooms, every piece of equipment takes advantage of a childs inherent desire to learn. Children may work in groups or on their own. They may sit at a table, or work at a rug on the floor. The classroom environment and teachers role are all carefully designed to enable each childs self-paced growth.