Stoneview Childrens University was founded in 2007. As a CT State Certified Teacher, I also taught Early Childhood Education at Three Rivers Community College, and served as the Director of the Montessori Teacher Institute. After operating a former Montessori School in Norwich, I chose to open my own school and provide an education where children are excited to learn every day. Having taught both in the private and public sector and serving as an educational consultant for the State of CT, I knew what type of environment to create so that children would love to come to school.

If this sounds too good to be true, I invite you to come and visit our school and see the magic for yourself. Watch how happily engaged our students are in their daily work. See how teachers gently guide children to complete work, take on new work and understand lessons on new materials. Seeing is believing! We can see from all of the well-known people who have attended Montessori schools, that children educated in this manner are far more likely to find success in their adult lives.

We are surrounded these days with debates about how to fix the nations educational systems and yet right here at Stoneview Childrens University, we have a program that works beautifully for children and indeed could serve as a model of how to do it right! The recipe is really rather simple.

  • Take an amazingly dedicated and passionate group of teachers who are devoted to helping all children thrive, situate them in beautiful spacious, light-filled classrooms equipped with learning materials that enchant and challenge children.
  • Surround them with a community of parents and staff who are devoted to supporting the work of learning.
  • Mix in care, love, curiosity, creativity, imagination, and serious purpose and you will find the everyday magic of children who love to be here and are busy cultivating their independence as life-long learners!
  • Even more magically, their curiosity and love of learning continue to thrive all the way through fourth grade and beyond.